EPM Launches Enhanced Service Organization

Recognizing the specialized expertise required for superior micrographics support, EPM has launched its own Service Organization in the US and Canada. Your investment in micrographics equipment is protected by authorized service from EPM’s new service organization, backed by an extensive inventory of in-stock service parts.



New Imagelink Branding

As the next step in aligning products with its Imagelink brand, EPM is updating the labeling on additional media products



Protecting the World’s Critical Records

The most critical records around the world are protected primarily through the services, scientific methods and unparalleled quality products of a few key companies. The more important the record the more time it must endure for future generations therefore different techniques and products are deployed. Critical records involve everything from individual identities at birth and throughout life to society’s fundamental economic ownership records. These records support the rule of law and social conduct as well as the underpinnings of most economic wealth. Eastman Park Micrographics provides world class products and services to support information preservation.



Technology for Unalterable Document Archiving

Regulatory compliance with vital records presents a daunting challenge for all organizations whether the business focus resides in the private or government sectors. Vital records are emphasized because they have the greatest value in case of emergency or disaster or they require extra protection because of future legal obligations or financial rights.These vital records support the rule of law and are the underpinnings of our social history.

At Eastman Park Micrographics our mission is to continue to supply the highest quality media, equipment and support services to both our channel partners and valued customer base.



Digital's Ideal Partner

The Imagelink family of digital writers, scanners and media eliminates the inefficient aspects of traditional microfilm creation and retrieval. With these products you can combine microfilm's proven stability with the efficiency of digital technology. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.



EquipmentMicrofilm for the new millennium closes the loop between digital and a permanent archive – capture, write documents to microfilm, view, archive and more...

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Imagelink Microfilm

MicrofilmOutstanding digital-ready images and convenient ways to organize your microfilm storage.


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Tech Tips

Tech TipsFrequently asked questions leveraging Eastman Park Micrographic’s extensive experience.


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