About Eastman Park Micrographics

Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) was formed in April 2011 upon the purchase of the micrographic business from Eastman Kodak Company.  The purchase included the worldwide customer base for equipment, media and service, exclusive worldwide distribution rights for Kodak-manufactured microfilm and ongoing rights to manufacture and sell former branded Kodak micrographics equipment.

In January 2013, EPM and the Agfa-Gevaert Group signed a Worldwide Master Supply Agreement for Imagelink® Microfilm Products to ensure and enhance the supply of micrographic media to our worldwide customers.  To better support this new media supply, and our worldwide customers, EPM established a new additional warehouse and logistics facility in Germany.

In July 2013, EPM announced the formation of a wholly‐owned subsidiary company, EPM Equipment, LLC (EPME) dedicated to the micrographics equipment market.  The portfolio of products includes both the historic EPM micrographic products, and also select products from The Crowley Company.  EPM Equipment has engaged The Crowley Company to take on the responsibilities of worldwide sales and marketing activities related to the distribution channels and sale of micrographics equipment.

In August of 2013, EPM relocated its US warehouse and manufacturing operations to Dallas, Texas, sharing the permanent facilities and expertise of its sister Kofile companies, and providing enhanced logistics capabilities for its customers in the Americas.

Most recently EPM announced its expansion of its service business with the acquistion of Imaging 411.

Our employees continue to bring extensive experience in all aspects of document imaging, and come from a variety of industry leading companies to provide unique expertise in micrographics products and solutions.

Our mission:  To continue to be the leading supplier of microfilm media, equipment, products and services worldwide, with ongoing expansion of our portfolio of Reference Archive Solutions for the preservation market.