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IMAGELINK 3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner Support

User Manuals

User Manuals

3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner User's Guide

This Operator’s Manual provides information and procedures for using the IMAGELINK 3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner. Choose your language and click on the appropriate PDF link to either view the document online or to download it:

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Imagelink 2400 DV Plus and Imagelink 3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner FAQs

The following Frequently Asked Questions apply to the DSV-E and the USB connection.

Can the older 2400/3000 Digital Scanners and not “E” versions be upgraded to use the USB2 Kit?

No, only Imagelink 2400/3000 DV Plus Digital Scanner may be converted

What does this all mean and why would someone want to use the USB2 Interface and be restricted from using PowerFilm Application Software?

a) In some cases there is a need to simply drive the scanner from any TWAIN Compliant software and not need the full power of our PowerFilm software

b) In price competitive situations where scanning only to a TIFF file is required for import to another imaging system

c) Where an integrator has written their own imaging software and all they only need to integrate the DV Plus Digital Scanner is a TWAIN Driver

Why do people use PowerFilm and not just a TWAIN driver?

a) PowerFilm was built by first creating an Application Programmers Interface (API). This addresses the machine code for the features which TWAIN packages do not.

b) With thePowerFilm API the application is written to address the specific hardware features and functionality of the Imagelink DV Plus Digital Scanners. This ensures the fastest scanner communications and full use of all functionality of the product features such as deskew, border masking, Image reduction, image cropping, automatic exposure, blank page elimination and much more.

Does the TWAIN Driver allow me to index, output PDF, Multi-Page TIFF, etc.?

No, the TWAIN Driver is a link between the compliant software such as Adobe Acrobat Professional, Paint Shop Pro etc. It will only drive the scanner and has limited functionality.

What is the Ordering Information for the USB2 kit?

Please contact Kodak Alaris at 1-800-52KODAK (1-800-525-6325) Prompt #2


What is included with the USB2 Interface Kit?

1) USB2 Interface Board for the DSV-E Scanners (same board works in both models)
2) USB2 Inteface Cable (84” long)
3) TWAIN Driver Software
4) USB2 and TWAIN Driver User Guide

What type of USB port is required on the PC?

The PC requires a compliant USB2 port.

What scanner controls are available through the Scanner Setup User Interface?

Service Offerings

Eastman Park Micrographics Service & Support for Micrographic Equipment


New equipment from Eastman Park Micrographics carries a 90 day warranty on parts.  For the IMAGELINK Archive Writer and IMAGELINK Archive Processor product families, warranty coverage is voided if the equipment is used with other than IMAGELINK brand microfilm and chemicals.


Please contact your EPM equipment reseller for additional information on service contracts and additional support services available, including options in the US and Canada from our preferred service provider Kodak Alaris.