INFOGUARD Quality Assurance and Certification Services

Quality Assurance

Participating labs are required to comply with all of our comprehensive quality assurance programs. Which means the processing steps—and your images—are closely monitored by the experts at Eastman Park Micrographic’s Quality Assurance Laboratory. This helps guard against process variations so you can get the full value of your film images. Just like Eastman Park Micrograpic’s no-cost Microfilm Disaster Recovery Program, it’s a good reason to place your trust in Imagelink Microfilm.

Certification Services

When you invest in quality, not only will your images benefit, but you can highlight your dedication to quality with INFOGUARD certifications.  By adhering to quality products and testing, you can receive INFOGUARD Archive Writer Certification for your Archive Writing services, and INFOGUARD Processing Lab Certification for your film processing and duplication services.  Differentiate your lab, whether internally or to your external customers.

INFOGUARD Quality Assurance and Certification Brochure

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