Cloud to Microfilm Backup

Long-term protection for long-term records.

The Cloud to Microfilm Option

  • Create a reference archive system based on microfilm to safeguard documents as part of a modernized document imaging and management solution.

  • Render images to an analog reference archive that provides a long-term unalterable, secure copy of vital data.

  • Can be operated onsite as part of a total records management department or outsourced to specialty provider.

Cloud Storage Challenges

New technology enables business solutions that have not been matched with corresponding enhancements to record management policies and strategies.

  • Long-term preservation of vital records
  • Preserving electronic communications such as email and social media

While security continues to improve, digital-only files remain vulnerable to alteration, hacking and breaches, whether accidental or malicious

Creating a Cloud Backup

Multiplatform Storage in Practice

The mission of a county clerk is to ensure the long-term protection, preservation and accessibility of public and vital records. We have chosen to mix the benefits of cloud-based images for immediate customer access and secure back up with the value-add of unalterable and archival qualities that microfilm continues to provide. Our cloud-based images are routinely replicated to microfilm for long term preservation. Brazos County has a quality microfilm library of records dating back to sovereignty of the County and we are keeping that valuable library up to date going forward.

Karen McQueen, County Clerk, Brazos County

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