Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) and Agfa-Gevaert Affirm Commitment to Micrographics Market with Extended Supply Agreement


Extended agreement between EPM and Agfa provides continued product supply to market

Dallas, TX, USA and Mortsel, Belgium, (March 12, 2018) – Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) and Agfa-Gevaert are pleased to announce they have extended well into the future their multi-year agreement to ensure the continued and uninterrupted supply of the broadest portfolio of micrographics media and chemicals to the document management, information, and preservation markets.  Under this extended agreement, EPM and Agfa will continue to collaborate on the ongoing portfolio development and specifications for microfilm products, and Agfa will exclusively manufacture and supply IMAGELINK-branded products for EPM to distribute to its worldwide network of distribution partners and users.

“Microfilm continues to be the only medium capable of providing a low-cost and low-risk alternative for the long term management of vital information and documents” noted Robert Breslawski, Worldwide Product Director at EPM.  “Governments and commercial businesses around the world continue to record critical information with permanent value on microfilm as a complement to their digital storage, ensuring availability and protection for hundreds of years.”

Marc Van Damme, VP Marketing and Sales of the Agfa Specialty Products business group, adds: “The long-term supply agreement that Agfa and EPM signed early 2013 has proven to be a winning strategy for both sides. Agfa is pleased with the market’s continued use of microfilm and is well-geared to sustain its manufacturing to the highest quality standards.”

EPM offers a complete portfolio of IMAGELINK microfilm, chemicals, equipment and expertise to its customers as part of its Reference Archive System.  IMAGELINK Archive Writers, manufactured by EPM in the United States, provide an easy way to record digital files to microfilm, including document images from paper scanners and business files created with tools such as Microsoft Office.  EPM and many of its Authorized Media Distributors also offer microfilm writing services for those customers who need the benefits of microfilm, but would prefer an outsourced alternative.

EPM’s disaster recovery program, providing assistance in rescuing and recovering damaged microfilm, is provided at no charge for users of IMAGELINK products.  For more information please visit the EPM Services website, send an email to info@epminc.com, or contact a local EPM Distributor.


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