Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) Announces New Infoguard Film Processing Lab

Now offering microfilm with pre-paid processing and special case quantities as additional options to customers and partners

Dallas TX (October 14, 2014) – Eastman Park Micrographics is proud to announce the opening of its EPM Microfilm Processing Lab located in its Dallas headquarters.  As part of this new lab, EPM is offering customers the option to purchase microfilm with processing included for those who wish to record or expose their own images onto IMAGELINK products, but prefer to outsource their processing to a high quality lab.

The Processing Lab will adhere to the strict requirements of the Infoguard Program.  Superior microfilm processing, quality control, and other important factors can ultimately result in perfect film that can be kept for a minimum of 500 years and the EPM Processing Lab is guaranteed to meet ISO and ANSI standards.  EPM customers know microfilm is still the best media to ensure precious information will be preserved for future generations.  “As part of its mission, EPM is committed to preserving the world’s critical records and felt this was the next logical step in the preservation market”, notes Howard Schwartz, Director of the EPM Processing Lab.

Select IMAGELINK HD and RA products will be part of this program.  To further facilitate customer use of this new processing, EPM is offering new smaller case quantities for these select products – 16mm films will be available in case quantities of 20, and 35mm film in case quantities of 10.  Additional products may be added to the program in the future.  EPM also will provide additional services such as silver or diazo duplication are available upon request.


The new products with processing will be available to end-users and our channel partners.  For additional information, visit our website, contact an EPM media partner, or EPM at info@epminc.com

Imagelink and Infoguard are trademarks of Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc.

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About Eastman Park Micrographics, Inc.

Eastman Park Micrographics was formed in March 2011 upon the purchase of the micrographic business from Eastman Kodak Company, including the ongoing rights to manufacture and sell former branded Kodak micrographics equipment.  EPM now markets its media and equipment under its trademark IMAGELINK brand.  EPM’s mission is to develop and supply the microfilm materials, equipment and service to address the needs of the preservation market worldwide.  In January 2013, EPM entered into a long-term worldwide master supply agreement with Agfa to provide additional IMAGELINK-branded micrographic products and photo chemicals to the market.  In December of 2013, EPM acquired the assets and business of Imaging 411 and now provides EPM Support directly to its customers in the US and Canada.