Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) is pleased to announce new branding of media products featuring its IMAGELINK trademark. As you are aware, EPM has already rebranded its equipment, chemicals, and some media to feature IMAGELINK. As the next step, EPM has requested Kodak to update its media production to feature the IMAGELINK brand as well.

Labeling changes have been completed, and manufacturing of product with this new identification has begun. As this transition occurs, you may receive products with the old and new labeling as the supply chain is fully stocked with the new materials. Throughout this change, you can be assured this is the same product, produced with the same quality standards as before.

There are no changes to catalog numbers, and the reference information on each label continues to appear.

Below are some samples of the new labeling:

New flip top and package label for HQ film:
ImageLink Labels
The new labeling on a pallet or product ready to ship:
Imagelink Packaging