EPM Announces Fall Promotion on Microfilm Scanners

IMAGELINK 2400 and 3000 DV Plus Scanners provide upgrade path for aging equipment and software

Dallas TX (September 21, 2017) -  (EPM) is keenly aware that there are many institutions and businesses that still rely on the ability to retrieve vital information and images from historical microfilm collections.  However much of the aging equipment in use today cannot fully participate in current user environments due to compatibility limitations imposed by obsolete computer operating systems, or older SCSI interface technology.

IMAGELINK 2400 DV PlusWith the IMAGELINK Digital Scanner series, users may be able to upgrade existing in house equipment without the cost of a complete replacement.  Users with older Kodak DSV or DSV-E models, or Minolta MS 6000 and 7000 models, can replace them with modern 64-bit Windows 10 compatible IMAGELINK 2400 or 3000 DV Plus Scanners without purchasing new carriers, lenses and other accessories.  In addition to saving expense, upgrading from older equipment allows use of PowerFilm Application Software to send images to network users, or print to any networked device instead of a dedicated laser printer.

For locations running other equipment from Kodak, Minolta, Bell and Howell, or Canon, EPM is providing discounts to its Authorized Equipment Distributors through the end of 2017 as part of the fall upgrade promotion. For more information please visit the EPM website, send an email to info@epminc.com, or contact a local EPM Distributor.

EPM offers a complete portfolio of IMAGELINK microfilm, chemicals, equipment and expertise to its customers as part of its Reference Archive System.  Additionally, EPM’s disaster recovery program, providing assistance in rescuing and recovering damaged microfilm, is provided at no charge for users of IMAGELINK products. 

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