Partner Equipment Deal Registration

Authorized EPM Equipment Distributors may be able to register specific customer opportunities under the terms of their Distributor Agreement.

To request a review and registration of your opportunity, please provide the following information to EPM by sending an email to  Note that in order for EPM to properly evaluate your request, the correct potential customer information and equipment must be provided.  EPM will not share this informaton with other Distributors.


Deal registration is only available to Authorized EPM Equipment Distributors.


Required Information:

  1. Potential customer name and address
  2. The name of the customer project and end-user department this deal is associated with
  3. A customer contact name, phone number and email address.  This information is required in case EPM must verify the Distributor's involvement with the account
  4. The Distributor company, sales representative, and contact information
  5. The specific equipment and quantities being registered.
  6. The date the deal is expected to close, and the current probability.  This information is used for EPM inventory planning.


EPM will review and respond to your request as soon as possible.