IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series

The easy way to help protect your critical business records from tampering or loss.

When you need a trustworthy copy of an electronic record to validate a transaction, satisfy litigation, or to meet regulatory and audit requirements, will it be there? Reconstructing a record can be perilous. Even in tightly controlled operations, back-up tapes can go astray. Hardware and software become obsolete. Databases housing the metadata defining the layers of electronic records can expire. Migration is expensive and risks transcription errors.

Features & Benefits

You can avoid much of the expense and hazard of digital-only records storage by Reference Archiving critical business documents. EPM’s Reference Archiving technolgy copies the records you wish to secure to an analog format on ISO-standard archival media. All the information included in the original record is captured, in context. These non-volatile documents can be accessed electronically to authenticate current activities, such as an online transaction, or to support audit activities triggered by regulatory activities and legal actions. You can also be assured of long-term access and retrieval.

The IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series are an ideal way to archive records with on-the-fly writing of standard business files including Microsoft Word, PPT/PDF and color or grayscale JPEG images. They accept digital files organized by your selected records management attributes — such as class, date, or destruction schedule — and create copies of them on Imagelink Reference Archive Media. Self-describing indices provide built-in audit trails and help make your Reference Archive Repository accessible digitally through host applications. Reference Archive Media can be automatically searched and re-digitized for online access and retrieval to provide short-term validation and long-term storage of records — without burdening your servers.

When you complement a digital-only records management strategy with Reference Archiving from Eastman Park Micrographics, it’s easy to see the benefits. No longer do you have to hope that content and metadata come together correctly to form a digital e-record. Instead of pulling from volatile components distributed across servers and applications, you just load media into a retrieval scanner and present the intact record created by the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series. No compiling or conversion is required.

The whole record is preserved intact in the Reference Archive, safe from hackers and accidental erasure. There’s no need to maintain redundant servers, media, and applications just to provide access to your critical business records generated by your SCM, CRM, ERM, ERP, and e-commerce systems. You can eliminate the expense of media refreshes and format migrations. Instead of spending between $800 and $5,000 a year per gigabyte per year to keep data on a server, you can allow information to expire and be routinely purged. The result can be a substantially lower total cost of ownership.

Capture subsystem software and the Imagelink 9600 Archive Writers offer a highly automated method for rendering records to archival format. You can set up a rules-based process to export selected records for Reference Archiving that works in the background. Duplicating and storing archived records is easy, inexpensive, and secure.

When users want to refer to specific records, they can search your enterprise database from within their applications. Requests pass over your network to your choice of electronic retrieval workstations available from Eastman Park Micrographics. Here the record will be found, digitized, and returned. Records can be batch processed and automatically managed as folders. The digital images can then be repurposed just like any other digital file. They can be distributed according to the requestor’s needs as hard copy output, faxes, or e-mail attachments, or posted to an image server using your current compression scheme. The requesting parties, whether users on your network or external customers or auditors, can then be directed to these images via links embedded in emails.

The IMAGELINK 9600 Series Archive Writers are designed and tested to perform and yield optimum results when used as part of the Reference Archive System including IMAGELINK Archive Writers, RA film and IMAGELINK processing chemicals. This 16mm, high‐quality microfilm is ISO/ANSI‐certified for a life expectancy of a minimum 500 years when properly processed and stored under controlled conditions. And the Imagelink 9600 Archive Writer Series provide fast, convenient output with quality that stands up to comparison with a printed page, but with storage and management properties that are much more efficient and cost effective.

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Get a complete Reference Archiving solution from the company that’s been the expert in secure records management for over 80 years.

Enhance your risk mitigation strategies by adding a Reference Archive. The technology is available today and based on industry standards. From exporting records to delivering them back to desktops, you can implement a process that’s essentially transparent to end-users, yet will deliver complete, reliable records for years to come.

The Reference Archive Process

A Reference Archive begins with a robust record capture subsystem, built around the proven architecture of the IMAGELINK Archive Writers. The process includes:

  • File transfer from the application system(s) is managed by the Imagelink Writer Interface. It controls formatting and applies standard indexing coding for later automated retrieval driven by request processor APIs.
  • Output to archival media is performed by the Imagelink Archive Writer, which operates in an unattended mode. Performance measures appear below.
Compression Factor 9610 Throughput 9620 Throughput Packing Density
24:1 85 170 6,600 Images/Roll
40:1 200 400 17,000 Images/Roll
Media Loading

Media loading is facilitated by the Imagelink Smart Cassette, Model 100 and Model 215. For automatic redundancy, two cassettes can be used at once to produce two sets of output with no reduction in throughput speed.


Compact, archival storage is provided by IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media. This standard 16mm, high-quality microfilm is ISO/ANSI-certified for a life expectancy of 500 years when properly processed and stored under controlled conditions.

Length Width Height Weight
810 mm
319 in.
615 mm.
24.2 in.
1196 mm.
47.1 in.
159 kg.
350 lbs.




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