Microfilm with Processing

Archivists and those entrusted with protecting permanent records know that microfilm is still the best media to ensure precious information will be preserved for future generations.  Eastman Park Micrographics (EPM) is committed to preserving the world’s critical records.

Leveraging the expertise and equipment that is part of our Infoguard services, EPM now offers the option to purchase select media products with prepaid processing at our Dallas Infoguard Processing Lab included.  Customers and partners who prefer to outsource their microfilm processing now have additional options for this service.

Good quality control is critical to produce perfect film perfect film that can be kept for a minimum of 500 years.  Our processing is guaranteed to meet ISO and ANSI standards. The EPM Processing Lab will adhere to the strict requirements of the Infoguard Program to ensure customers will receive the high quality they’ve come to expect from EPM.  The processing standards will help eliminate problems today and for years to come. 

Put the power of Eastman Park Micrographic’s Quality Assurance Laboratory to work for you and your customers! 


Using the New Processing Lab

Purchase the desired media using the new catalog number that identifies the product as entitled to EPM Processing.  To facilitate your use of these products, new smaller case quantities are available:

Catalog Number for Media Only

Catalog Number With Processing


Case Quantity



IMAGELINK HD MICROFILM 13 35MM X 30.5M (100FT) MNP w/Processing




IMAGELINK HD MICROFILM 13 16MM X 30.5M (100FT) MSP w/Processing




IMAGELINK HD MICROFILM 10 16MM X 66M (215FT) MSP w/Processing




IMAGELINK RA MICROFILM 13 16MM X 30.5M (100FT) MSP w/Processing




IMAGELINK RA MICROFILM 06 16MM X 66M (215FT) MSP w/Processing



When you are ready, mail in the exposed rolls in the original specially market fliptop box. EPM will process and return the media to you.  Additional services such as duplication are available as well.  For more information on the products and processing service contact EPM.


Common Questions and Answers

Why did Eastman Park Micrographics start a processing lab?

EPM received feedback from customers and partners indicating a desire to continue to record or expose their own images onto film, but they were not able to maintain or justify the appropriate facilities or expertise for media processing and quality control.  EPM felt that by providing an outsourced alternative for this service, customers will find it easier to continue preservation of vital records on a media that has a life expectancy of 500 years.

Will other catalog numbers be added?

EPM will review feedback and demand and may offer additional media with processing in the future.  Please contact EPM if you have a specific product of interest.

I use another manufacturer’s film, but would like to change to IMAGELINK to be able to take advantage of this program. Do you have a cross-reference?

Yes!  Please contact EPM for assistance with the correct IMAGELINK catalog numbers.

What is the Infoguard Program?

The Infoguard Program is a quality monitoring program. Certified processing labs are required to comply with strict requirements set by the program.  Our technicians have over twenty years’ experience. For more information see our webpage.

Why does the film have to be returned in the original fliptop box?

Each fliptop box carries a unique label that identifies the media as eligible for EPM Processing, and allows your media to be securely tracked throughout the process.

Can EPM make duplicate copies of the processed rolls?

Yes, Silver and Diazo duplication services are available.