Reference Archive Microfilm Media

Spectrally Optimized for the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series.

IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media has been specially formulated for use in the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series to provide high-quality, human-readable, reference archives of digital images.

The high-resolution, archival-quality images are easily re-digitized for online access and retrieval to provide short-term validation and long-term storage of records. This media provides clear, high-contrast, and sharp images that can be distributed according to the requestor’s needs as hard-copy output, faxes, or e-mail attachments, or posted to an image server using your current compression scheme. The requesting parties, whether users on your network or external customers or auditors, can then be directed to these images via links embedded in e-mails.

Product Applications

Reference Archive Media and the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series provide the easiest way to help protect your critical business records from tampering or loss. Reference Archive Media renders a trustworthy copy of an electronic record to validate a transaction that will satisfy litigation and meet regulatory and audit requirements. These images can be used in reconstructing a record even if backup tapes, hardware, and software become obsolete.

You can avoid much of the expense and hazard of digital-only records storage by Reference Archiving critical business documents. Reference Archiving copies the records you wish to secure to an analog format on ISO-standard archival media. All of the information included in the original record is captured, in context. These non-volatile documents can be accessed electronically to authenticate current activities, such as an online transaction, or to support audit activities triggered by regulatory activities and legal actions. You can also be assured of long-term access and retrieval.

This media has a Life Expectancy of at least 500 years when processed and stored according to the recommended practices of ISO and ANSI

Reference Archive Media Brochure

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Case Study – Rutherford County, TN

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