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IMAGELINK 9600 Application Software Kit


Features & Benefits

Streamline your Reference Archive workflow

When used in conjunction with the 4800 and 9600 series Archive Writers, the IMAGELINK™ 9600 Application Software is ideal for converting digitally created or scanned compound business documents to compact, permanent images preserved on trusted  IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media.

Secure incoming information assets

If you scan documents and want trustworthy, long-lasting records, you need the Electronic Microimager Software. It is integrated with Imagelink Capture Software to facilitate the collection and writing of batches created in centralized and distributed scanning environments.

Enhance your enterprise content management (ECM) systems

The IMAGELINK 9600 Application Software is optimized to manage a flow of documents from electronic storage media to archive writer output. Document pre-processing functions, output format templates, and digital index creation in unattended mode all help maximize throughput. 

Improve accuracy and productivity

The IMAGELINK 9600 Application Software Kit minimizes operator training and simplifies daily operations through a Windows-based interface and the numerous settings available to the system administrator. This enhances job integrity by moving higher-level decision making to the background of the process. Operators just select the type of job to be run. Selections such as scaling, asset location schemes, and reports are loaded automatically. Work proceeds without excessive data entry.