eastman park powerfilm application software

PowerFilm Application Software

PowerFilm Application Software combines a user-friendly interface with a wide range of output, indexing, retrieval and distribution tools. It’s specially designed for batch scanning and digitization of all film formats. What’s more, it’s also designed for document reconstruction, roll conversion, and CD creation using the included CD Publish/CD Retrieve application.

Here are just some of the ways it can make you more productive.

Build a database of scanned images and data with CD Publish. Then use CD Retrieve to search and recall individual images, or groups of images, from indexing criteria that you choose.

Versatile image distribution is provided—including single or multi-page TIFF, CD Publish, PDF and optional Kofax Ascent output module.

lexible indexing offers as many as 10 fields—text, numeric or date—with up to 32 characters per field. Auto-repeat indexing, such as “current date,” is another efficiency feature that’s included.

This indispensable job management feature lets the operator interrupt a job, suspend the batch and resume work later. This adds greater versatility, productivity and flexibility for multiple conversion projects.

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